Cordero Law's Julian Cordero is a Business Lawyer in NYC. Focusing primarily on business formation and contract drafting, Cordero Law can handle all needs related to your business.  Whether you are a startup or established business, Cordero Law can help.     

Business Law

Whether you call us business lawyers, contract lawyers, or corporate lawyers, our jobs are the same - to focus on the legal needs of both starting and running a business. This, of course, includes everything that comes in between.

We work with entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, and large corporations on a variety of different legal tasks. Examples of these tasks can include business formation, strategic business consulting, contract drafting, reviewing contracts, and negotiating business deals.

 Cordero Law's Julian Cordero is an Entertainment Lawyer in NYC.  Focusing primarily on transactional matters in the music industry, Cordero Law a fantastic choice when considering a Music Lawyer in NYC. While Music Law is a primary focus, Cordero Law is capable of handling anything Entertainment Law.

Entertainment Law

Entertainment law is a combination of several types of legal subjects, tailored to that of the specific field of entertainment the artist is involved with.

It is a combination of these laws with the knowledge of the inner workings of the various industries (music, film, television, theater, social media, etc.) that make an entertainment lawyer good at his or her job. Because of this, entertainment lawyers are often asked to consult on various decisions affecting their client's overall career in the entertainment industry.

 Having a good Intellectual Property Lawyer is the key to success for any business. Cordero Law prides itself on being an Intellectual Property Lawyer in NYC. While Cordero Law's Julian Cordero has a strong foundation as a trademark lawyer in NYC, Cordero Law also focuses on copyright law and trade secret law.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property (also known as IP) results from the creations of the mind and can be categorized as a trademark, trade secret, or copyright. Examples of these types of IP creations are inventions, literary works, artistic works, designs, symbols, names, images, logos, and much more. 

The job of the intellectual property lawyer is to protect these creations for their clients, implement safeguards to ensure valid protections are in place, and assist in the monetization of such IP (usually done through licensing deals).