Julian Cordero is a business lawyer, entertainment lawyer, and intellectual property lawyer (IP Lawyer). He is the managing attorney of Cordero Law LLC. 

We do things a little different...

Let's face it, everyone hates lawyers. And, to be perfectly honest, I understand why. Lawyers have sadly developed a reputation as being, among many other things, arrogant, condescending, and insensitive. In fact, it was for these same reasons that my family looked at me with confusion when I first told them many years ago that I was not going to pursue a career in chemical engineer anymore because I wanted to go to law school. 

Fast forward a few years later (and before I forget, yes my family got over me becoming a lawyer), I set out to start my own law firm with the goal of revolutionizing the legal profession. Today, I am happy to say that Cordero Law is, by no means, your typical law firm and we are changing the perception that people have towards lawyers, one client at a time.

We pride ourselves on building special connections with our clients by working with them rather than for them. We look to find the best possible solutions for our clients, rather than just seeing a bunch of dollar signs. And most importantly, we actually return phone calls and emails. 

It is this mentality that has allowed Cordero Law to stand tall in an area as populated with lawyers as New York City is. 

I look forward to working with you and having the opportunity to show you how a lawyer should be. 

 Julian Cordero, Managing Attorney of Cordero Law LLC's web signature.