Business, Entertainment, and IP Lawyers

Cordero Law is a New York City based boutique law firm focused on Business LawEntertainment Law, and Intellectual Property Law. We provide innovative legal services to our clients in ways traditional law firms cannot match.  

At Cordero Law, we understand that our clients are busy people. As such, we have taken advantage of many technological advances in order to streamline client interaction while maintaining an open channel of communication. Cordero Law is revolutionizing the legal profession

Whether you are a small business entrepreneur, established business, entertainer, artist, or someone with a great idea, we look forward to working with you.   

Cordero Law's Julian Cordero is a Business Lawyer in NYC. Focusing primarily on business formation and contract drafting, Cordero Law can handle all needs related to your business.  Whether you are a startup or established business, Cordero Law can help.     

Business Law

Whether you call us business lawyers, contract lawyers, or corporate lawyers, our jobs are the same - to focus on the legal needs of both starting and running a business. This, of course, includes everything that comes in between.

We work with entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, and large corporations on a variety of different legal tasks. Examples of these tasks can include business formation, strategic business consulting, contract drafting, reviewing contracts, and negotiating business deals.

Cordero Law's Julian Cordero is an Entertainment Lawyer in NYC.  Focusing primarily on transactional matters in the music industry, Cordero Law a fantastic choice when considering a Music Lawyer in NYC. While Music Law is a primary focus, Cordero Law is capable of handling anything Entertainment Law.

Entertainment Law

Entertainment law is a combination of several types of legal subjects, tailored to that of the specific field of entertainment the artist is involved with.

It is a combination of these laws with the knowledge of the inner workings of the various industries (music, film, television, theater, social media, etc.) that make an entertainment lawyer good at his or her job. Because of this, entertainment lawyers are often asked to consult on various decisions affecting their client's overall career in the entertainment industry.

Having a good Intellectual Property Lawyer is the key to success for any business. Cordero Law prides itself on being an Intellectual Property Lawyer in NYC. While Cordero Law's Julian Cordero has a strong foundation as a trademark lawyer in NYC, Cordero Law also focuses on copyright law and trade secret law.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property (also known as IP) results from the creations of the mind and can be categorized as a trademark, trade secret, or copyright. Examples of these types of IP creations are inventions, literary works, artistic works, designs, symbols, names, images, logos, and much more. 

The job of the intellectual property lawyer is to protect these creations for their clients, implement safeguards to ensure valid protections are in place, and assist in the monetization of such IP (usually done through licensing deals). 

  • Julian has helped me make the right choices for my business and steered me away from making some bad choices as well. What I like about him is that he truly cares about his clients and their needs. He is dedicated to providing some of the best legal advice and services out there and I will continue to go to him in the future. ”
    — Nicholas Gati, AllaMusica LLC
  • The reviews are what led me to call Cordero Law and even after speaking to numerous other lawyers and firms Julian was the only one I felt comfortable using. His honesty really comes through and he helped me navigate through a very difficult business situation as only a person who genuinely cares about his client can. Feeling confident that you are in good hands is the most important factor in business dealings and Julian really lives up to the reviews from others. Stop searching, this is the team you want handling your business. I can't thank him enough for his time and honesty.
    — Arnaldo DePaula, Tribeca E-Liquid, LLC
  • Julian is absolutely THE ATTORNEY you'd want to handle the legal aspects of your business. I am extremely happy to have met him and have him as my attorney. He has a great and down to earth personality, really cares about you as a client, provides excellent legal help that you'll understand, goes above and beyond and overall is an honest and truly genuine guy. Julian, you're awesome. THANK YOU!!!
    — Winnie Mai, Mai Photobooth LLC
  • Julian has set up my S-Corp and has done some work for me on my trademark. He has been very helpful answering my questions and also gets back to my emails in a timely manor. He has been extremely efficient during this whole process and I will continue to use him for future business purposes.
    — Suzanne Neugent, Sara Isabel Tequila Corp.
  • “ Julian is an excellent attorney. He is very personable and extremely knowledgeable in the area of business and IP law. He is truly committed to getting his clients the results they want. His work is thorough and precise. If you are looking for an honest attorney who genuinely cares about the success of his clients, go to Julian! ”
    — Brittany Grierson
  • Julian Cordero helped me easily understand and modify an entertainment contract. He is a pleasure to work with. I have already suggested his services to associates of mine.
    — John Paul Carinci, Author
  • Mr. Julian Cordero is awesome! This was our first time needing an attorney, so after a lot of research we decided to go with him. Not only he is an excellent professional, but he is also very friendly, knowledgable, and truly cares about his clients.
    — Ben and Ana Mayer, Popgun Productions LLC
Julian Cordero is a business lawyer, entertainment lawyer, and intellectual property lawyer (IP Lawyer). He is the managing attorney of Cordero Law LLC. 

We do things a little different...

Let's face it, everyone hates lawyers. And, to be perfectly honest, I understand why. Lawyers have sadly developed a reputation as being, among many other things, arrogant, condescending, and insensitive. In fact, it was for these same reasons that my family looked at me with confusion when I first told them many years ago that I was not going to pursue a career in chemical engineer anymore because I wanted to go to law school. 

Fast forward a few years later (and before I forget, yes my family got over me becoming a lawyer), I set out to start my own law firm with the goal of revolutionizing the legal profession. Today, I am happy to say that Cordero Law is, by no means, your typical law firm and we are changing the perception that people have towards lawyers, one client at a time.

We pride ourselves on building special connections with our clients by working with them rather than for them. We look to find the best possible solutions for our clients, rather than just seeing a bunch of dollar signs. And most importantly, we actually return phone calls and emails. 

It is this mentality that has allowed Cordero Law to stand tall in an area as populated with lawyers as New York City is. 

I look forward to working with you and having the opportunity to show you how a lawyer should be. 

Julian Cordero, Managing Attorney of Cordero Law LLC's web signature. 

Cordero Law's attorneys have appeared in a variety of different publications either as a feature profile or as a quoted source for the legal analysis of many different topics. Below are some examples of where Cordero Law has been displayed. These publications range from large scale multinational publications to smaller up in coming outlets.