What is SoundExchange? Why Should an Independent Artist Join SoundExchange?

SoundExchange is a nonprofit collective management organization. This organization collects and distributes digital performance royalties to featured artists and copyright holders. For more information on whether SoundExchange is for you, contract Cordero Law LLC. 

The term SoundExchange might have come across you as an independent artist - but you might not necessarily know what and how SoundExchange can help you. 

In a nutshell, SoundExchange is an "independent nonprofit collective management organization that collects and distributes digital performance royalties to featured artists and copyright holders." They work with anyone from unsigned vocalists to "major record labels," trying to ensure compensation for work that is broadcast by non-interactive digital radio.

So why should you register with SoundExchange as an artist?

A real organization, with real money. 

No artist is immune to skepticism. When you first announced to the friends and family, "I'm going to be a singer," you probably received a few eye-rolls, maybe even the occasional under-the-breath chuckle. It's easy for people to discount anything, especially when it sounds really great in theory. Feeling skeptical about SoundExchange? In 2009 alone they distributed nearly 150 million dollars to artists and copyright holders.

Your music, your money. 

As an independent artist, you created your music from start to finish. Shouldn't you maintain the rights to your creation, and keep the money generated by it? At SoundExchange you maintain all the rights to your tracks, membership is free, royalties are yours, and you can still sign with a private label at any time.

So who all works with SoundExchange? 

Everyone from emerging songwriters to music aficionados to technology and data buffs. They also work with International partners, meaning you receive royalties even when your music is played outside of the US. 

What doesn't SoundExchange cover? 

Organizations like ASCAP, BMI and SESAC cover royalties for songwriting, publishing, and composition. Services that offer downloads typically cover download royalties.   


This was just a brief rundown about SoundExcahnge, we hope it helps. To talk more about this, or anything else, please SoundExchange today.

Julian Cordero is an Attorney, Business Strategist, and Music Producer. Oh and he blogs too!  Julian is licensed to practice law in New York and is the Managing Attorney of Cordero Law LLC, a New York City based law firm focusing on Business Law, Entertainment Law, and Intellectual Property Law.