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What is a Performing Rights Organization and Why Independent Musicians Should Join One

Whenever your song is played on the radio or TV, streamed online, or performed live, you are owed performance royalties. These royalties are paid as license fees to a Performance Rights Organization (PRO), which then distributes the payments to its member songwriters, composers, and publishers. If you are actively involved in releasing music to the public, you are eligible to join these organizations. Joining one of these PRO's in today's music environment is so simple that it almost doesn't make sense to join one. 

The Benefits of Establishing a Loan Out Company for a Music Artist

Establishing a loan out company as a musician has the potential to become a very smart business investment. As a music artist, if you are making a living performing, a loan out company might offer you the opportunity to gain both personal liability protection and tax benefits.

Tips for Negotiating a Record Deal in the 21st Century: It's Different Than You Think!

The music business has changed in the past 10 years. Gone are the days when things were simple. While the independent artist is flourishing, the music industry and the record deal are still very much alive. In this post, we will help you in determining how to negotiate your record deal.