S Corp

S Corporation Pros and Cons: Learning the Basics of an S Corp

“Should we form an S corporation (frequently referred to as an “S Corp”) or a limited liability company (“LLC”)?” I am asked at least once a week – and to be perfectly honest… it is a fantastic question that I wish I were asked more often. When entrepreneurs look to form a small business, the decisions of these future business owners can have long lasting effects. One of these decisions is the decision of how to best structure a new business.

An S corporation is a corporation that has received a special designation from the IRS. When making the consideration to start a new business, the S Corp is one of the most common types of business entities. While an S Corporation is a fantastic choice for many new businesses, understanding the pros and cons of forming an S Corp will help you determine if it is the right entity for you.

New Business Checklist | A Comprehensive Checklist on Starting A Business in NY

Thinking about starting a business in New York? Reguardless of whether you are thinking about starting the next big startup that turns into a fortune 500 company or a small business, the legal implications of starting a business can be complex. As a result, Cordero Law is happy to provide you its "starting a business checklist" as a guide to help you along the way.