Trademark Attorney

An Intro to Trademark Licensing - How Can a Trademark License Agreement Help Your Business Generate Income?

Trademark licensing is the process where a trademark owner agrees to give another person or company permission to use its trademark, in a commercial setting, in exchange for a fee. There are many reasons why licensing a trademark can be very advantageous. Trademark licenses are complex with several points to be negotiated. An attorney who is well acquainted with trademark licensing is invaluable in providing information regarding licensing requirements and advice in creating and negotiating a trademark license.

Registering a Trademark - The Six Step Process of Applying for a Trademark in the US

Applying for a trademark can be done without a trademark lawyer. However, it is highly recommended that you strongly consider hiring one to assist you with your application. A trademark can be one of the most valuable assets in your company's intellectual property portfolio and having your application done correctly can help you in ensuring your protections are in order. All and all, the trademark registration process is a six-step process that can last anywhere from six months to 24 months to complete. In this blog post by Cordero Law, we go over the six steps to help you understand what you will be facing in the trademark process.