Flat Rate Contract Review

Whether you are an individual or small business, there is no doubt that at one point, you will be presented with a contract. Contracts are an essential part of doing business and are frequently used by parties to protect their interests. 

Why should a lawyer review my contract?

It's no secret that contracts are inherently complicated. Whether the agreement is loaded up with tons of legalese or written in plain english, chances are there may be quite a bit of moving pieces within the contract. A contract lawyer is trained to spot these moving pieces and both read between the lines to ensure that the deal you are agreeing to is what you actually agreed on and ensure that your interests are protected. 

Ways we can review a Contract 

General Review

This option is usually what most people think of when it comes to having a contract reviewed. With this type of review, your looking to either have your contract rubber stamped or have any major issues flagged. This type of review also generally works best when you are just looking for a particular 'something' in your contract. This particular something is usually a specific issue that you have narrowed down and simply want to make sure there are no surprises. 

Advanced Contract Review

Think of the general review on steroids. With this type of review, we go through your agreement with a fine tooth comb and pick out anything that both could be an issue and is an issue with your contract. With this type of contract review, you ensure that you are not missing anything. This option is often chosen when the agreement is for a 'major deal or the subject matter of the contract is important enough to the individual or business that you want to make sure you are protected to the maximum extent possible. 

Complete Review (Advanced Contract Review and Modifications)

With this option, you get everything you get with the advanced contract review and more. After we identify any issues with your contract, we will modify your agreement (redline your contract) so that you can submit these changes to the other party to the agreement. Contracts (especially for larger important agreements) are often redlined (marked with changes) and exchanged between parties until a finalized agreement is agreed to. 

How it works? 

Stage 1

You submit a contract and let us know which type of review you would like. We will then give you a timeline as to when we expect to go through the next stage. 

Stage 2

We set up a time to speak regarding your contract and go over any particular questions you might have. If you chose the complete review and we have made modifications on your agreement, we will send you this prior to our discussion so that we can go over the modifications and answer any questions.  

Stage 3

If you didn't choose the complete review and, after our discussion, wish to have us edit the agreement, we will go over the next steps as to how we can accomplish this. We will usually quote you a flat fee for our services based on the amount of work that it would take for us to modify the agreement per your request. If you did choose the complete review and additional modifications are needed after our Stage 2 discussion, we will give you a timeline as to when this can be completed and go over any additional necessary steps. 


General Review



Advanced Review



Complete Review



What is a Page?

Pricing is calculated based on the assumption that a contract is a standard 8-1/2″ x 11″ page with 1″ margins all around, standard spacing, and 12 point type size using a traditional font. A page with larger sheets, smaller typefaces, or double-column text may count as multiple pages. 

Still have questions? 

Not sure which type of flat rate contract review is for you? Still have questions that you need answered? Schedule a consultation by clicking the link at the bottom of the page so that we can help you evaluate your needs. 

However, if you prefer to contact us via email to discuss further, we are happy to do this as well.  Send us an email and a member our our team will be in touch with you shortly.