Payment Options 

One of the best parts about being a boutique law firm is the freedom we have with billing clients.  We recognize that each of our clients have different needs.  Because of this, we offer customized billing options on a case-by-case basis to ensure that we can keep the costs down and efficiency high.  While we will discuss these options during our initial meeting, we have listed some common examples on how we may be able to bill our clients below.  

Popular Billing Methods

Fixed Price 

No matter how long we spend working on your project, you pay a set price that is guaranteed not to go up.  If we can estimate how much time and resources need to be spent on a project, we will highly recommend the fixed price option.  This option is great for a number of  small business entrepreneurs that have tight budget considerations. 

Subscription Counseling

Want to be able to send us a quick email question whenever you feel like it and not have to worry about how much it will cost?  Great!  We thought of that too!  Depending on whether you see yourself needing either only a few questions or a centillion (translation: a lot) questions per month, we have a subscription plan for you.  We offer tiered packages with varying question limits so that you only have to pay one price per month and not have to worry about the costs of asking us for help.  

OUtside General Counsel

Need a lot of work done but scared of hourly billing?  For a set monthly price, we will become your general counsel and handle all your transactional law needs.  What this means is that whenever you need something done that is transactional (reviewing a contract for example), you let us know and we will do it.  Simple right?  

Traditional Hourly Billing

We do this too!  Sometimes, the only way to do something is the traditional method where we charge on an hourly basis for our work.  While we try to avoid this type of billing like the plague, sometimes it really is the only way to tackle a problem.