Outside General Counsel NYC

Cordero Law offers the opportunity for small businesses to have a general counsel as an outside staff member. As companies begin to grow beyond their startup phase, legal needs can pile up. As the legal needs of a company continue to grow, the company is phased with a couple different options. 

  • Hire A full time attorney as an in-house counsel.  This is obviously the best option for a company. Having a dedicated company attorney that understands the business of your company is an invaluable. However, this option is not available to most companies. Why? Because a recent study conducted by Robert Half Legal showed that the salary of in-house counsel in New York City ranged from $114,100 to $363,350. 
  • Have a law firm on retainer. In New York City, a law firm partner's hourly rate at some of the well known firms can range from $670 per hour to $1800 per hour. Don't have your calculators out? Trust us that this can add up pretty quickly if you aren't careful. While you can go with some of the smaller, less known, law firms, the hourly rates don't go down by that much - some of which are on par with the rates of the big firms. 

We believe in ANOTHER option - the outside general counsel

Cordero Law is happy to provide an alternative. We understand that hiring a full time counsel is not possible for many companies. We also understand that having a law firm on a hourly retainer would bankrupt a lot of companies. The outside general counsel will allow companies to get the best of both options. 

What is the Outside General Counsel

The outside general counsel functions in a way similar to an in-house general counsel, but on a on-demand basis. Our outside general counsel will be able to handle the legal day-to-day matters while working towards understanding its client's business model and industry in order to provide customized service that targets the particular needs of the client. In summary, we provide the best of both words between having a full time employee and having a law firm on retainer.  

What Services can we provide

  • Negotiating and drafting agreements.
  • Intellectual Property support. 
  • Legal research on various issues that has the potential to affect a business.
  • Early-stage and venture financing support. 
  • Offer letters and employment agreements. 
  • Employee handbook creation. 
  • Attending board meetings and drafting minutes. 
  • Mergers and acquisition support. 
  • Data privacy legal aid. 
  • Due diligence and deal support. 

How much does this cost?

Because we understand that no two companies are alike, we are happy to offer three different levels of outside general counsel service. This way, you can choose how many hours of dedicated service your company needs. While our prices vary from time to time for new clients, please use the below tables for reference as to what you can expect from us.  

Beginner General Counsel

$1,750 /mo

5 Dedicated Hours Every Month

For early stage companies with less legal needs.


Advanced General Counsel

$3,000 /mo

10 Dedicated Hours Every Month

For growing companies with growing legal needs.


Super Hero General Counsel

$5,000 /mo

20 Dedicated Hours Every Month

For established companies that have constant legal needs.


Need something else?

If none of these options is enough for your companies needs, we would be happy to build a custom outside general counsel package. Please contact us so that we can schedule a time to discuss how we serve your needs.   

Ready to sign up?

Great! The initial step involves telling us a little bit about yourself and your legal needs. We have a small application process to get the ball rolling. Once this brief application is filled out, we will contact you to discuss coming on board as one of our clients. 

Still have questions? 

Not sure which outside general counsel package is for you? Still have questions that you need answered? Schedule a phone consultation by clicking the link at the bottom of the page so that we can help you evaluate your needs. 

However, if you prefer to contact us via email to discuss further, we are happy to do this as well.  Send us an email and a member our our team will be in touch with you shortly.